Coffee Sketch Podcast

067 - Brunch with Friends!

August 31, 2020 Kurt Neiswender / Jamie Crawley Season 2 Episode 67
Coffee Sketch Podcast
067 - Brunch with Friends!
Show Notes

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Podcast Episode: 067

Date: 08-22-2020

Theme: Brunch

  • Clarice and Toby Welcome! 
  • Everybody bring a piece of paper and implement (pen, pencil, sharp stick!) 
  • Brunch Sketching with a Beer Flight or just beer! #liveyourbestlife

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#coffeesketch Ep. 67 in the #zoomlife ~ when your guest pics the prompt for a 2 minute brunch sketch among friends, cheers #2minutesketch #inksketch#releasethekraken #beerstein#beerstagram #art #architecture#draweveryday #dailysketch#podcast

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